Earth Overshoot Day 2024 falls on August 1st

Power of Possibility

We know that thinking about overshoot can be overwhelming—we’re right there with you. First, we should mention that we’re not ecological resource- or climate-“doom-and-gloom” people. We’re also not over-optimistic, “change-your-lightbulbs-and-we’ll-be-OK” types, either. We’re realists. Somewhere in the middle.

Individuals have the power to better their homes and communities. The greatest potential for large-scale impact, however, lies with governments and businesses who align their policies and strategies with the reality of our finite planet.

More precisely, immense #PowerOfPossibility can be found in the countless existing solutions that can be implemented at scale. With them, we can make ourselves more resilient and #MoveTheDate of Earth Overshoot Day.

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Food waste prevention legislation

Plant-based meals in school canteens


Circular Companies: Recycling and Refurbishing


Rural Solar Power and Microgrids

solar panels on house roof

Atmos Financial

Financing Decarbonization

Land Stewardship for Low Impact Beef Production

Improved Emissions Standards for Trucks

Past Overshoot Days

Earth Overshoot Day is computed by dividing the planet’s biocapacity (the amount of ecological resources Earth is able to generate that year), by humanity’s Ecological Footprint (humanity’s demand for that year), and multiplying by 365, the number of days in a year.

How does this year’s date compare to that of previous years?

Explore past Overshoot Days

Explore Solutions to #MoveTheDate

Thriving lives within the means of our planet are not out of reach. Plenty of solutions exist in five major areas
for improving sustainability: planet, cities, energy, food, and population.


How we help nature thrive


How we design and manage cities


How we power ourselves


How we produce, distribute, and consume food


How many of us there are

Can we live in balance with the Earth?

The #MoveTheDate Solutions map is your go-to place to post and browse relevant information about active projects (“solutions”) that contribute to bringing human activity in balance with Earth’s ecological budget. This means moving the date of Earth Overshoot Day to December 31 or later.

Explore the map to find solutions that have been implemented in your country, or create an account and add a solution that you love.

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Earth Overshoot Day By the Numbers

million years ago life first evident on Earth
increase in world population since 1970
decline in average population size of vertebrate species since 1970
of humanity’s Ecological Footprint is carbon

Meet our partners

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Earth Overshoot Day is an initiative of Global Footprint Network, an international research organization that is changing the way the world measures and manages its natural resources. The date of Earth Overshoot Day is calculated with National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts data, available for free at