Esnath Divasoni Population Voice

As we mark Earth Overshoot Day this year, it is fundamental that we look at population. I believe it is particularly useful to understand and focus more on the causes of population growth.

One of the key themes affecting population is education. Education is a driver for all decisions that one can make. Without having had the benefit of solid education, it is very easy to be manipulated, controlled, and more often taken advantage of.  Therefore, the trends in population growth can be changed through promotion of education especially for girls. If you educate a girl, she will grow into an empowered young lady that will delay marrying because she has the choice. Many will opt for having smaller families, are able to offer their children more educational opportunities and better health outcomes. And smaller families also reduce impacts on the already scarce resources.

I have experienced the power of education in my own life. I know it is through education that I have gained critical skills. And it has amplified my vision. I even had the fortune to win a scholarship to study Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture abroad. Now, back in Zimbabwe, I have set up an insect farm. I am bringing climate smart solutions to my community. It is through sharing these skills that I can help all people thrive on our one planet. We have just this one Earth, we can be smarter by being educated and bring solutions that #MoveTheDate.

– Esnath Divasoni