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Seven artists submitted their creative work to our Earth Overshoot Day competition with Do the Green Thing, a UK-based nonprofit. Please take a look at their wonderful work at the bottom of this post!

Artists were asked to photograph, illustrate or design artwork related to Earth Overshoot Day, and the winner was offered £200 and the opportunity to have his or her artwork featured on the websites of Earth Overshoot Day and Do the Green Thing.

The official winner is Sean Antonioli, who created the first image below. Here is what Sean writes of his work:

“Responding to the Population aspect that families should become better educated about ecological issues, my piece is a call for parents to take the lead and show by doing.  The recent campaigns for electric cars show a more educated alternative to our current petrol driven habits. As parents include a charge up in their routine, children watch and mimic. In a way, they are learning better habits for our planet. ‘Lead the way’ calls parents to think about how they pass down a greener mindset and set our children up for a better future.”

Congratulations, Sean, and thanks to all the artists for dedicating their valuable time to help end overshoot!

Tim Gulden

Tim Gulden
(click and zoom for full image)