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At Global Footprint Network, we’re never short on vision and we never run out of ideas. We are also tremendously grateful when our ideas are met in the world with the necessary abundance of goodwill and generosity to help us implement them.

Take the new Earth Overshoot Day logo. Did we mention we are very excited to introduce it today?

It was solely made possible by a budding and tremendously talented boutique creative studio who sits in Berkeley, Calif., just up the road from our Oakland office. Olio’s passion is food packaging design and food photography, and it specializes in developing and implementing thoughtful branding strategies for food entrepreneurs and award-winning chefs. Its mission also converges with ours: working with organizations who push the sustainability agenda.

We’re incredibly grateful that Olio’s creative team agreed to our request: design a new logo for a global cause in a ridiculously short amount of time. Not only did they offer us their talent and time, but they gave us nine (nine!) options to choose from.

We hope you like the one we eventually picked. We love it. The arrow, of course, refers to overshoot. Its elegant curved shape also reminds us of the infinity symbol – and the imperative to strive for sustainability in a world where we don’t have infinite natural resources. It also brings the circular economy to mind – a paradigm shift required to addressing resource constraints. We also like how the movement of the arrow evokes our call to the #movethedate hashtag.

A colleague on our team uncovered another reference to our work in the logo: The curve downward, he noted, suggests that our initial sustainability efforts are going downhill, and the curve upward suggests we are moving them in a positive direction.

What else do YOU see in this logo?

We envision Earth Overshoot Day continuing to gain significant global awareness. Watch for this logo becoming its widely recognized signature.