Food waste prevention legislation

Plant-based meals in school canteens


Circular Companies: Recycling and Refurbishing


Rural Solar Power and Microgrids

solar panels on house roof

Atmos Financial

Financing Decarbonization

Land Stewardship for Low Impact Beef Production

Improved Emissions Standards for Trucks

aerial view passive house for the elderly in spain

Residencia de Ancianos

Passive House for the Elderly

Water and Wastewater Services

Building Retrofits – Multi-family housing

Eberhard AG

Low-Carbon Circular Concrete

world map with pins on it

Vacation Closer to Home

Burning Methane

Smart Cities

eco data center

EcoDataCenter, the world’s first climate-positive data center

close up of growing rice grains

Improved Rice Production

humanscapes habitat

Humanscapes Habitat

Sustainable and Integrated Urban Living

Circular Fashion

Community-Centered Conservation

End single use plastics

smart homes

Smart and Sustainable Homes

Tree Plantations

paper money in different currencies

Carbon Pricing